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Sonntag, 6. März 2011, 15:41

Path of Exile (F2P Action RPG)

Ja, ich der Totsager aller MMO's, der WoW-Hasser, der Kritisierer des Open-World-Prinzips, stellt euch ein F2P Game vor! (Ja, ich muss manchmal selber lachen =D)


Es geht um einen Diablo Clone (So schimpfen wir ja erstmal alle Games des Genres xd) und da Diablo 3 ja eh erst 2030 rauskommt (Oh, Orakel!), haben wir ja genug Zeit uns andere Games anzuschauen.
Dieses Spiel ist aber noch nicht Spielbar und kommt erst in die Beta, aber vllt. gefällt es dem einen oder anderen und er meldet sich für die Beta an, wer weiß =D

Hier die Class Trailer zum Spiel:



Video zum Skillsystem

Viel Spaß!


Neue Infos, bzw. neue-alte. Es ist nun viel mehr bekannt zum Skill und Statsystem, sowie anderen Spielmechaniken.

Kein standard RPG Skillsystem. Dies wird durch s.g. "Skill Gems" die man Sockelt und selbst auflevelt ersetzt. Es wird versch. Optionen geben, um sie mit Support Gems stärke zu machen, zu verbinden um Upgrade Reihen zu erzeugen.

  Spoiler Spoiler

Nearly all action RPGs had linear skill systems where the progression of an active skill was preordained by the developers. If you were a fire user, you would progress from a weak fire spout to a more powerful fireball, and eventually to something big and flashy like a flame wave.

In Path of Exile, active skills (i.e., skills that you use on command) are itemized onto "Skill Gems". These gems confer an active skill to the player when they are socketed into equipment and gain experience as the player slays enemies.

A choice of staple skill gems are given out as quest rewards throughout the game to ensure that players have a variety of skills available. You’ll discover rare advanced skill gems out in the wilderness and dungeons. Like all items, these can be traded between players. Some of the more devastating skills are extremely valuable.

Gems can also level up. When a player is rewarded experience, all gems in equipped items gain 10% of that value. This gain is in addition to the experience earned by the player. When a gem is removed or traded, it retains its experience. It’s possible to specialize in leveling up valuable gems and trading them to other players. We haven’t announced the number of levels that gems will have, but it takes a substantial amount of experience to reach the highest levels of gem potency.

Gems have attribute requirements based on their type and level. For example, a higher level cleave skill gem requires more strength than a low level one. If your character doesn’t meet the attribute requirements of the new level of the skill gem, then the experience value sits at the maximum of the previous level until you next gain additional experience and also meet its requirements.[/quote]

Geregelt wird durch das ganze durch ein Sockelsystem ähnlich dem Diablos, nur noch mal verändert.

[spoiler]Throughout Path of Exile, you'll acquire many items with colored sockets that correspond to the game's three attributes of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. You can socket the skill gems you find into these colored sockets to immediately gain the use of that particular skill. Each skill gem is aligned with a single attribute. For example, the Fireball skill is aligned with Intelligence, and therefore appears on a blue gem.

The color of sockets on items is strongly biased towards the attributes that the item is aligned with. For example, a Strength/Dexterity sword is very likely to contain red or green sockets and unlikely to have blue sockets. Skill gems can only be placed in a correctly colored socket.

Skill gems can be removed from sockets by right clicking on them. There is currently no penalty for doing this. We want players to experiment with the nearly infinite combinations our skill system allows.

Items can have multiple sockets, which can be different colors. Though the early items you encounter will contain one or maybe two sockets, the number will increase throughout the game. Most armor pieces can have up to four sockets. High end body armor can reach six sockets. One-hand weapons and shields cap out at three sockets, while two-hand weapons can contain six.

Support Gems werden die nötige Spieltiefe und veränderung von Skills mit sich bringen. So wirken sich alle Kombinationen immer versch. auf die Skills aus.

  Spoiler Spoiler

In addition to active skill gems, another type of gem exists – support gems. These are placed in special, linked sockets and grant additional properties to other gems they are linked with. They do not grant active skills themselves.

These linked sockets start to occur in groups on items as the player explores further into Wraeclast. Larger groups of linked sockets occur infrequently but offer greater opportunities for augmentation.

For example, linking a “Multiple Projectiles” support gem to a fireball skill gem causes the fireball skill to launch multiple fireballs when used. Linking an “Added Fire Damage” support gem to an ice nova skill gem causes the ice nova to also deal fire damage in addition to its normal cold damage.

Support gems gain experience and level up in the same way that skill gems do. Their effects increase in power as they reach higher levels. A high level “Multiple Projectiles” support gem adds more additional projectiles than a low level one.

Any skill can be augmented by any support gems where it makes sense. For example, an “Increased Area of Effect” support gem would modify:

* The size of an ice nova
* The splash radius of a fireball
* The proximity of nearby allies affected by a “Buff Other”-supported buff.

The “Multiple Cast” support gem works on any cast spells. “Multiple Attack” works on any attack skill (retargeting a different target per hit). “Piercing projectiles”, “Multiple Projectiles” and various other support gems affect all skills that have a projectile component.

There are dozens of support gems and active skill gems available at launch. Many more will be added after release.

Rather than designing specific behavior for each augmentation, we have made our system extremely versatile, so that there are thousands of combinations of skills and augmentations.

Advanced Support Gems steigern die Effektivität noch mals erheblich und bilden Brücken zwischen anderen Gems.

  Spoiler Spoiler

The same skill can be supported by multiple support gems at once. For example, Cleave could be linked to both “Added Cold Damage” and “Increased Area of Effect” for large cleaving arcs of cold damage.

In a similar way, multiple skills can be augmented by the same support gem. If you linked a selection of different skills to “Overpower” then all of them would be dramatically more powerful and mana hungry.

The highest level skill gem or support gem in a group is picked when the skill is used. Having multiple instances of the same skill or support equipped in a group does allow you to level up multiple copies of that gem at once, but doesn’t provide extra power to the skill.

If multiple copies of the same skill gem exist in different groups, then all supports in those groups will be applied to the overall skill. For example, if you have Ice Nova linked with “Increased Area Of Effect” in one linked socket pair, and Ice Nova linked with “Multiple Casts” in another socket pair, then your Ice Nova skill will cast multiple large novas when used. This is equivalent to linking all three of these gems together in a group of three sockets.

Path of Exile has a subclass of support gems that trigger their linked skills when certain conditions occur. These conditions range from scoring critical hits to becoming cursed, frozen or ignited. The triggered skills generally have modified mana costs and damage, in order to balance the automatic trigger. Complex combinations of triggered skills are possible and open up many possibilities for character builds.

We have plenty of other support gems on the drawing board that do interesting things. The “Entrap” support gem turns linked skills into traps. For example, if you link “Entrap” with Fireball and “Multiple Casts”, you get a trap that shoots a stream of several fireballs at any enemies who trigger it.

Die Entwickler haben ein s.g "Leagues"-System geplant, um den Spielern viel Abwechslung und vorallem Anreize zu bieten.

  Spoiler Spoiler

When you create a character in Path of Exile, you choose a league for that character to exist in. We expect and encourage most players to play in the default league, but other leagues exist for specific play styles or events.

Characters can only see and interact with other characters in the same league. In this way, each one is its own isolated economy. The default league is extremely large and hence acts as a general economy for all characters that were not created in a specialist league. All characters in a league have access to the same shared stash pages.


Each league has its own set of ladder rankings. We’ll be frequently creating short term leagues that last varying durations (a day, a weekend, a week, etc) with item rewards for the highest placed characters on the ladder at the end of the league. There are leagues that end once a specific goal has been met (a race to level 90, for example).

League competitions are another way for players to get rewarded for their play skill and to be competitive with other players as an alternative to PvP.


There are a few permanent long term leagues including the default “standard” and “hardcore” leagues. All other leagues have a duration value and a parent league. When the duration is over, all characters in that league become part of the parent league.

Whenever any league ends, its characters are all converted back to its parent league. This way, no one loses the character they were leveling (it just ends up in a less restricted economy/ladder than the one it was initially being played in).

Game Modes

Leagues are able to apply a different set of game rules to their players. For example, increased monster difficulty, world PvP, permadeath or various "Ironman" rules.

We have many plans for interesting game modifiers that leagues can apply, but one rule is clear – they must only make the game harder. Because characters transfer back to the parent league when a league ends, it is important that the character’s journey to its current status was equivalent or more difficult than gameplay in the parent league.

Paid Leagues

In addition, we plan to allow guilds or groups of players to pay for the creation of their own league with a choice of game rule modifiers. Only players invited by the people who paid for the league can create characters in these private leagues. This option helps cater towards any groups of players who want to play online together but don’t want their playgroup to have access to items traded from external players.

Example Leagues

The following are examples of leagues that we are working on designing. Feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated - we're very keen to hear what you think on the forums.


Typically, “hardcore mode” in action RPGs involves permadeath. A character killed in this mode cannot be accessed any more. In Path of Exile, slain hardcore characters revert to the parent non-hardcore league. This system encourages non-hardcore players to try the hardcore game mode, while still permanently removing hardcore characters from the economy when they die.


In Ironman, players are unable to trade with vendors or refill their flasks in town. Mana regeneration is disabled by default. Players are encouraged to band together and manage their resources in order to survive.


The cut-throat leagues appeal to the niche of players who demand the most hardcore gaming experience possible. In this mode, all world areas are public, with full PvP enabled by default. Slain characters drop all their items upon death. This game mode can also be combined with Hardcore to create an even more unforgiving world.


An attrition league is a short duration league that starts with a fixed number of players and eliminates the player with the lowest amount of experience at periodic intervals. For example, a 24 hour attrition league might start with 100 players and eliminate one player per 12 minutes after a four hour initial leveling period. Players would be able to see how close to elimination they are on an on-screen ladder display.

Nun noch einige Infos zu den 3 verfügbaren Klassen, die sich im Gegensatz zum restlichen Spiel, sehr traditionel halten.

  Spoiler Spoiler

Path of Exile has three attributes, around which we have placed the character classes. There are six character classes total and three have been announced so far.

Strength (Red): The Marauder

Strength confers raw brute power, and is represented on weapons by high base damage. Strength armor pieces grant physical damage reduction. Monsters aligned with Strength generally hit hard and take many blows to defeat. Our announced Strength character class is the Marauder.

Dexterity (Green): The Ranger

Dexterity confers agility in combat, and is represented on weapons by faster attack speeds. Dexterity armor pieces grant the ability to evade enemy blows more often. Monsters aligned with Dexterity are nimble and difficult to hit, often attacking from a distance or with multiple weapons. Our announced Dexterity character class is the Ranger.

Intelligence (Blue): The Witch

Intelligence confers knowledge – of both arcane magic and deadly combat techniques. It is represented on weapons through improved critical strikes. Intelligence armor pieces grant the wearer a mystical energy shield which protects them from blows and can recharge when they are out of combat. Monsters aligned with intelligence are often weak spell-casters who can be dangerous if not immediately dealt with. Our announced Intelligence character class is the Witch.

Characters, monsters and items can also be aligned with multiple attributes at once. For example, a staff weapon is generally about 70% strength and 30% intelligence. It differs from a maul (which could be 100% strength) because it is better at scoring critical strikes, but doesn't hit for as much raw physical damage.

There are three playable “hybrid” character classes in Path of Exile that have not been announced yet.

Players can use any items or skills, providing they have enough of the relevant attribute requirements. There is the flexibility to dabble in unaligned attributes in order to use off-class skills and items. However, it is generally more efficient for players to invest in the attributes appropriate to their character class.

Zum Schluss: Es wird Akte wie in Diablo geben, sprich Akt 1 etc.

Jo, das wars erstmal xd

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Sonntag, 6. März 2011, 15:53

Sieht nett aus, werd mich mal anmelden.

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Sonntag, 6. März 2011, 15:55

OH MAN PSCHT! Das sollte Geheim bleiben! Ein Witz auf den allseitsbeliebten Diablo 3 Clone Spruch Q.Q Mensch Kizz


Sonntag, 6. März 2011, 16:03

Was? Ich hab doch nichts gesagt? :ho:


Sonntag, 6. März 2011, 22:53

Ju scheint ganz nett zu sein hab mich auch mal angemeldet :x
Is This my Fate, He asked them.


Montag, 7. März 2011, 00:22

Sollte das als Ergänzung dienen zu meinen Links, oder war das ein Argument gegen dieses Spiel?


Montag, 7. März 2011, 01:29

Weder noch, wollts einfach mal in den Raum werfen, weils ja auch in das Genre passt.
Finde, dass es ganz geil aussieht, aber bei kB mich um nen beta Key zu kümmern.


Freitag, 11. März 2011, 21:49

So, mal paar Infos geaddet /zak


Samstag, 12. März 2011, 09:28

Das Skillsystem hört sich interessant an.


Sonntag, 13. März 2011, 14:38

klingt fuer mich wien offline game lol

aber recht interessant
Beklagst du dich auch, weil der Bauer aufm nächsten Feld bei euch seine 4ha Weizen mitm Mähdrescher statt mit der Oldschool-Sense erntet?


Sonntag, 20. März 2011, 16:43

Es ist ja nicht so, dass ich jetzt hier irgendwie den Eindruck erwecken will, dass ich Angst hätte, Mythos wäre Cooler als Path, aber sollte sowas nicht in den Mythos Thread? Ich kann auch nicht in den WoW-Thread gehen und Allods Links posten und fragen obs wen interessiert.


Well howdy there, Sugarcube!

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Sonntag, 20. März 2011, 16:55

Joa, Squirly, wenn du dem Forum gerne dieses Spiel vorstellen möchtest, dann tu das am besten in einem extra Thread dafür. Hier passt es (trotz thematischer Ähnlichkeit) erstens nicht wirklich zum Threadthema und zweitens werden die Infos bzgl. der Beta Keys hier eher untergehen und könnten in einem speziellen Thread für das Spiel besser gefunden werden.


[23:05] <RatofDeath> es is 23?
[23:05] <RatofDeath> 00?
[23:05] <RatofDeath> vorhin war noch 8
[23:05] <RatofDeath> WASN LOS MIT TIME


Sonntag, 20. März 2011, 21:59

Hab mir sowas schon gedacht. Naja wenns euch stört :X
Dachte halt, dass die Spiele ziemlich ähnlich sind und das hier dann jemand halt antesten will.



Sonntag, 20. März 2011, 23:49

Naja ist ja trotzdem kein Akt deswegen nen neuen Thread auf zumachen :p egal.
Is This my Fate, He asked them.


Montag, 21. März 2011, 12:07

Neue Informationen zum Potsystem:

Man will hier dem standard Aktion RPG Potsystem aus dem Weg gehen und mit Mods und wiederbenutzbaren Flaschen arbeiten. So hat man das Inventar nicht mit millionen Pots voll, sondern hat 2-3 Pots dabei, aus denen man mehrfach trinken kann und die sich unter bestimmten Bedingungen wieder langsam auffüllen (Ein Kritischer Treffer, Kritischer Angriff, eine Quelle, in der Stadt an einem NPC etc.).

Eine Normale Potion:

Die Pots werden auch in Magisch, Rare und Unique erscheinen und dementsprechende Mods haben. Es werden KEINE Stats wie zum Bsp. 10% mehr ASPD auf einer Flasche zu finden sein, aber andere taktisch hilfreiche Wirkungen. Hier mal 2 Beispiele Magischer Flaschen:

Man wird versuchen, dass Potsystem so zu konfigurieren, dass es zu versch. Builds passt und man sogar seine Pots optimieren muss, um effizient arbeiten zu können.

hier noch ein Bild einer Unique Pot und ihren Mods:

Auch geben die Bilder mit dem "Minion Heal" aufschluss über mögliche Summoner Skills, zu denen sich derzeit aber noch nicht geäußert wurde :s

Hier noch ein Vid von den Entwicklern, wo es kurz angespielt wurde und ein wenig erklärt wird : D

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Montag, 21. März 2011, 20:03

Also das Potsystem find ich mal ziemlich cool.


Montag, 21. März 2011, 22:19

Man munkelt schon dass es Diablo 3 übertreffen wird.

Zumindest die Atmosphäre schlägt Diablo 3 bei weitem. Der Rest muss sich erst mal zeigen. Es gab zuviele Titel die angeblich irgendein anderes Game Bashen wollten (Aion war mein letztes hype mmo fail game x.x) und kam nix bei rum :s


Montag, 21. März 2011, 22:23

Man munkelt schon dass es Diablo 3 übertreffen wird.

Auf sowas hab ich nur gewartet :D
Aber ganz normal. Genauso wie es bei jedem P2P MMO heisst "Das ist DER WoW Killer!! Ganz sicher!!" :D (aktuell versucht sich RIFT daran...ich glaub ich weiß, wie es ausgeht ^^)

Ne, mal sehn. Und sagen wir so, sollte es wirklich (objektiv betrachtet) besser als D3 werden, wär es doch schön. Somit hat man 2 tolle Spiele :)