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Donnerstag, 12. April 2012, 15:47

2012/02/10 New Kafra Shop Items!

Introduced with today's maintenance are two new additions to the Kafra store, the Spring Lucky Box/Crate and the Acid Bomb 50 Box.

Available April 11 - April 24th 2012. The Spring Lucky Pack also can be bought at a slight discount via the Spring Lucky Crate which also contains 1 Safe to 10 Certificate.

Grandma Boxter is in and surely she would love some of these items too!

Patch Notes

April Lucky Pack is here until 4/25 300pts (items inside may change up to maintenance time)
Lucky Crate until 4/25 1400pts comes with 5 Lucky Box and 1x Safe to 10 Certificate
50 Pack Acid Bomb Supply Box 200pts trying this for sale for 1 week to see if it is workable idea, it may or may not stay after.
Brasilis Murder Event ends
Brasilis Murder permanent implementation begins, reduced rewards for completeion, down to 33% of event rewards.
Easter and Hugel Spotlight events continue to 17th.
Gramps getting new Turnins (wrath of titans is over)
-70-95 Hugel Field 1 - Red Novus, Yellow Novus
-105-120 Sphinx - Arclouse, Ancient Mummy
-125-140 Thor Volcano - Knocker Imp
New music for the turnin maps.
Boxter is in, recycling stuff from this year! (list will be posted shortly)
Ymir will return to only have the WoE 2 at 7-9pm. Server had spoken via the vote to not want WoE 1 also then.
Green Ales now heal 40% HP/Sp (will continue to decrease by 10% increments as the beer goes flat)
Party Hard Pack 1200 pts each
Class set Card Album 800 pts each
Heroic Desocketing Book 1000 pts each
Taurus Crown 400 pts each
Taurus Diadem 400 pts each
Aries Crown 400 pts each
Aries Diadem 400 pts each
Archangel Wing 1200 pts each
Miniglasses [1] 1000 pts each
Red Wing Hat 600 pts each
Blue Tiger Mask 500 pts each
Bronze Dragonhelm 20 pts each
Silver Dragonhelm 40 pts each
Costume: Gold Dragonhelm 300 pts each
Mega Resist Potion 6 pts each
Mystical Amplification Scroll 6 pts each
+20 Basic Food Box 400 pts each
Slotting Advertisement 300 pts each
Mental Potion 45 pts each
Fencer Scroll 10 30 pts each
Pty Assumptio Scroll 13 pts each
Pty Blessing Scroll 20 pts each
Pty Increase Agi Scroll 20 pts each
Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate 100 pts each
Safe to 7 Armor Certificate 100 pts each
Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate 100 pts each
HE Bubble Gum 80 pts each
Job Battle Manual 70 pts each

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