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Sonntag, 22. November 2015, 00:46

Forenbeitrag von: »Taisa«

WoE Equipment / Lvling Equipment for all classes / Dodge Mobbing Eq / MVP Equipment // Buy MVP Mace/BB

Katherine Keyron Card S/O 900M C/O --- A/S 1,5 B +9 Liberation Blue Axe S/O ??? C/O --- A/S ??? +9 Immune Bravery Bag S/O 1.8 B C/O --- A/S 2.2 B Combat Knife +2 Dex/+3 Dex S/O --- C/O --- A/S --- C Worg in Mouth S/O --- C/O --- A/S --- +9 Blue Stone Horn Of Ancient ( +10 % Resistance against Water) S/O 900m C/O --- A/S 1.5B Sell: +4 Isabella Brown Ear [1] 2x Agi Glove of Flash Linen Glove of Flash Lucky Improved Tights +3 Luk +7 Immune Siege Muffler +7 Cranial Valk Shield +7 Valk Shield of Roya...

Donnerstag, 22. März 2012, 19:56

Forenbeitrag von: »Taisa«

fRO WoE thread 18.03. - 24.03.

Zitat von »Cellmag« Zitat von »Sjoerdje« Last siege Victoria was also out of guild ye could be, as I already tried to tell -> our LKs are luring the Guardians in our castle, so if u dont want them to be out of guild when there is an impulsive attack dont take our guardians away from the Entrance :p give it a try xD of course if u see him out of guild when we got no invest with Guardians, I've never wrote something o.o Cell She is even guildless in OUR castle :s

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012, 14:51

Forenbeitrag von: »Taisa«

SM Quest Map Leech Level Range 70~99

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